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Σύλλογοι Γεωργιτσάνων Παγκοσμίως.

Η προσπάθειά μου είναι - όχι μόνο η προβολή τού χωριού - αλλά η δημιουργία βήματος ανταλλαγής ιδεών καί σύνδεσης τών ΑΠΑΝΤΑΧΟΥ Γεωργιτσάνων, γι' αυτό στείλτε μου πληροφορίες γιά τούς συλλόγους σας.

Αρκετοί πατριώτες που λείπουν χρόνια στο εξωτερικό, προσπαθούν να βρούν συγγενείς και φίλους, για να έλθουν σε επαφή μαζί τους και απευθύνονται σ'εμένα.

Ευκολότερα - φαντάζομαι - θα ήταν να δημοσιεύσουν ότι τους ενδιαφέρει, μέσω της φόρμας που υπάρχει στη σελίδα και έτσι όσοι επισκέπτες ξέρουν κάτι μπορούν να απαντήσουν και αυτοί μέσω τής φόρμας επικοινωνίας. (Η φόρμα δέχεται Εγγλέζικα και Greeklish, ΟΧΙ Ελληνικά).

For them who try to find their friends and their roots, usefull is the form below. They can publish their questions, so that, every one who knows something can publish the necessary answer.

I hope this can be usefull for all.



name: Elsie n John Vratsenes


comment: I came from Greece, Georgitsi when I was 16 (year 1951) and have been trying to retrace my ancestors. I tried to send a comment from your web site but couldn't get the letters right for some reason. I would love to be in contact with anyone that was there during the second world war. I have been back there in 1973 and am sure that is has changed a lot. My father's name was George Vratsines and my name is John Vratsenes and live in NH. I will wait to hear from you. Thank you so much, John Vratsenes

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name: Rebecca Sarantzouklis


comment: Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any information on the Sarantzouklis family of Georgitsi.
Kind Regards, Rebecca

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My paternal family (grandparents) originated from Georgitsi @ 1894 and later to @ 1909.  Their surnames were (grandfather) Kostakanellis (or Konstokanellis) and (grandmother) Papathanasopoulos.  Their given names, on the paternal side, were: Athanasios, Christos, Elias, Evanthia and Vasilios (there was another brother & five other sisters, a total of eleven children of George and Katereni (Papakalos)).  On the maternal side, the only surname I knew was "Olga",  the wife of Athanasios, and I know she had a brother, whose surname I do not know, but who also emigrated to America during those years.  Elias returned to Greece about the year 1912-1913 and I was informed remained in Georgitsi for the rest of his life. My father, Nicholas, was also born in Georgitsi, as was his sister, Katerinio, both emigrated with their mother Olga @ 1909.  My mother, Alexandra, was
American by birth.  Her parents names were George Mitzs (of Tripoli, Greece,  In USA @ 1894),and  Panagiota Karagias (Carajias) (of Kastania, Greece,  in USA @ 1902), both communities somewhere near Sparti and/or near Georgitsi or within the Tagetos mountain range in the Peloponesos from the scattered information that has been handed down to me and found in some US Federal Census records @ 1910 and 1920.
My mother had a sister, Constance (Konstantina), also American by birth, who married "George Pappayliou" who was also an emmigree from Greece ( probably in the same or nearby area as the Mitzs clan, landing in America @ 1904).   It was most likely  the American port of Boston, Massachusettss, where they all, as immigrants , entered the USA.

I hope this genealogy helps fill in some of he gaps in the history of Georgitsi.

Arthur J.  Costakis
c/o  Ann (my daughter) & Michael Hayes
198 Grandmar Chases,  Canton, Georgia, USA 301165-6409
Telehone (770) 345-5714

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Unfortunately cannot read  Greek...
     grandfather Spiros Farfaras was  born in Georgitsi, Greece.
Would like more information. Does anyone read/write in  English?

Phyllis Farfaras
those are the only words i can write in Greek and am not even  sure they are
Boston,  Massachusetts

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